Pick of the week

  • Burberry - Singing in the Rain

    Burberry has enlisted Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford for a campaign encouraging the next generation of creatives to dance like no-one is watching. Set to a version of Singing in the Rain, the work begins as dancer Zhané Samuels steps out of a takeaway to be met with giant hailstones.

  • Spotify: Get The Family On

    One family many tastes. Spotify shows them all. Agency - 72 and Sunny LA

  • Traffic Jam - Ouigo

    Boredom in a traffic jam is solved unexpectedly. Production Partizan Paris

  • Adobe: fantastic subway trip

    At the hands of Adobe, our humdrum world comes alive in this fantastical spot from 72andSunny L.A. As a woman rides the subway, she imagines, with the help of Adobe Photoshop, transforming the drabness around her into a magical universe

  • Heineken - Back to the Bars

    Social distancing shouldn't compromise having a good time. Director Nicolai Fuglsig of MJZ Italy

  • Boston Dynamics 'Spot' launch

    'With you Spot can...' From the frightening security dogs in 'Black Mirror's - Metalhead' comes a robotic dog you can actually buy.Only the price is scary. Just $74,000.

  • Money Supermarket ' Calm Bull'

    He’s a two-tonne, toss-you-in-the-air prize winning bull the size of an ice cream van, who’s calmer than a banana. If there is a world where The Money Calm Bull doesn’t exist to help us reach a higher plane of Money Calm, I don’t want to live there.

  • BMW: The all-new BMW 4 Series Coupé

    The new BMW 4 series.Coupe commercial. On the edge or over the top ? You decide.

  • Fanta: Idiots Are Amazing

    This campaign, the first collaboration with 72andSunny, celebrates the real people behind some of the most hilariously dumb videos on the internet. The true champions of play.

  • Adidas 'Ready for Sport'

    The entire world of sport is waiting for the starting gun. Stock footage and existing images. Created by Iris UK

  • Facebook COVD-19 'We're never lost if we can find each other'

    “Never Lost,” a poignant film that splices together moving scenes of a world ravaged but not destroyed during the epidemic, set to a stirring spoken word track by British poet Kate Tempest.

  • Haribo - Police

    Something to cheer you up . An old idea but it works well.

  • Apple Airpods 'Snap'

    Following "Bounce," Apple is back with another superbly choreographed spot in which its AirPods Pro transport the wearer into another world. Music by Flume

  • E.Leclerc - Recycle

    Recycling is sometimes difficult. It's not easy to change your habits. BETC France

  • Holden Nova 1989

    Goodbye to Holden. Here's a classic ad from 1989

  • Whassup Again - Super Bowl 2020

    13 years later Budweiser revive their classic football ad. This time with a modern twist. Prod Revolver Films

  • Porsche - Taycan Electric 'The Heist'

    Porsche emphasizes speed—and its German heritage—in its first Super Bowl ad appearance since 1997. The sports car brand released on Friday an extended cut of the spot, which will run in the game as a 60-second ad in the first quarter.

  • Delta: 'Runways'

    There’s a lot of cool stuff to do and see in the world, and Delta wants to help you get on it pronto. Clever camerawork makes the point.

  • Matesong Kylie Minogue

    $15 million can buy you a star-studded advertising campaign, but as Tourism Australia has learned, it can't give you control over the timing of bushfires. ... The advertising body has "paused" parts of its 'Matesong' campaign amid the devastation of Australia's bushfire crisis.

  • Rema 100 CRAZY SANTA

    It´s christmas and again we meet the smug owner of a smart home. This time he has replaced his voice controlled door with face recognition. But does it help?

  • Rema 1000: Smartmill – SMART HOUSE

    What happens when a 'smart house' becomes a little too smart. Dir: Andreas Risler of Bacon Oslo

  • M&S Jumpers for Christmas

    M&S has revealed its joyful and jumper-filled Christmas advert set to the iconic House of Pain track “Jump Around”. Dir: Jake Nava

  • HP Print the Holidays

    Directed by Michel Gondry, the 12 days of Christmas gets a unique interpretation. Agency - Goodby Silverstein

  • Ho Ho Hush -NZ Post

    Keeping secrets at Christmas time can be a little tricky. Prod: Thick as Thieves Dir: Luke Shanahan

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Director Alex Proyas Returns to Advertising20/11/2020

Multi D&AD Award winning director, Alex Proyas, is returning to the commercial and advertising world with the formation of his virtual production studio Heretic Foundation.

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The Shanghai-born and Australian-owned creative agency, PUSH announces today the launch of their fourth creative studio in Sydney, Australia. PUSH are the leaders of culture-shaping content with a focus on Asian youth culture, skateboarding, music, fashion and gaming.

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Alan Bibby - Director15/05/2020

Returning from New York, Director Alan Bibby signs with Assembly for representation in New Zealand
and Australia

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The Australian ad industry will be saddened to hear of the passing of much loved creative director, agency founder and University lecturer John Anstey, who died this week aged 80.

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Junior Director’s Assistant - New South WalesListed: 11/19/2020

Got the Goods?
Good Oil is looking for a new full time DA !
For more info contact postbox@goodoilfilms.com

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Full Time Directors Assistant Sweetshop - New South WalesListed: 11/12/2020

Sweetshop China and Asia is searching for a full-time Director’s Assistant to join our team.We are looking for someone who has a thorough understanding of film, a passion for photography, social media and visual trends.

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Full Time Production Assistant Sweetshop - New South WalesListed: 11/12/2020

We are currently seeking an experienced production assistant in our Sydney Office with a diverse range of skills. We are looking for someone who has at least 2 years in the industry (not role specific) with a thorough understanding of pitch, pre-production and production process.

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Full Time Directors Assistant Sweetshop - New South WalesListed: 11/12/2020

We are currently seeking an entry level full time Director’s Assistant in our Sydney office.
We are looking for someone who has a thorough understanding of film, a passion for photography, social media and visual trends.

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