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Production Coordinator - Town Square, Melbourne

Part time - Victoria




Town Square is a privately-owned advertising and communications agency managing a national client base with over 30 team members. We have a broad range of clients in categories including, travel and tourism, property, power tools, mining equipment, charity and government. We offer a typical span of marketing communication services.

The Agency leadership has significant ambition for its creative product, recognising that better work is more rewarding/satisfying for everyone involved, and that our ability to grow depends heavily on our creative reputation.

We need a production co-ordinator to join our team and help make sure everything is running smoothly. Someone who enjoys being exposed to all aspects production from start to finish including but not limited to print, collateral, radio, TV, digital content, social/lead generation and interior fit-out. A good understanding of digital would be beneficial. Life in property is varied and challenging so we need someone highly organised and who thrives under pressure. Across the agency, team work really does make the dream work so you must be a team player.

This is the perfect role for someone who wants to start their career as an agency producer – and is keen to learn all aspects of production – not just traditional media but digital and social production too.

Given current COVID sensitivities the whole agency are working on a 0.7 FTE status. Accordingly, this role is considered part time – 0.7 FTE – with salary being pro-rata to reflect this. This is a month by month consideration which we hope to see ending as ongoing business restrictions also end. Our aim is to have the whole agency back to full time work as soon as possible, and it is expected this role will be full time in the near future.

We are only looking for Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Please note – Town Square is currently working remotely as per Victorian government instructions.


You will work closely with members of our production team – including our Producer, Paid Media specialist and digital team. In the first instance, the responsibilities for this new team member will be the day-to-day assistance with a range of tasks – from quoting through to checking artwork, creating reports and scheduling work.

Preferably, the candidate will have some experience working in a communications agency. But attitude is more important for this role than experience. We need a candidate with an enthusiasm for making things happen, an ability to take initiative, a talent for organisation and structure. The right candidate will see in this role the opportunity to take meaningful responsibility for helping deliver all the production in the agency and help the team run smoothly. There is plenty of room for growth for the right person. We are looking for a confident candidate who has presence and strong interpersonal skills.



Print production:

·         Receiving production briefs from A/S and sending out RFQ to suppliers. 

·         Ensuring artwork has been circulated and signed off by all departments. 

·         Ensuring correct format specifications are sent to editors and studio for despatch. 

·         Creating PO’s, despatch artwork together with PO’s to suppliers. 

·         Ensuring printer proofs have been circulated and approved.


Asset management: 

·         Ensure assets are purchased, downloaded and saved on the asset’s server (this could be rushes/stills from shoots, purchased stock, fonts, music tracks)  

·         Transferring assets to the new servers


Digital Video/Broadcast:

·         Becoming familiar with CAD requirements: reformatting scripts, drafting FACTs letters, uploading approved material to stations. Ensuring masters are saved. 

·         Updating the key number matrix

·         Reviewing, circulating, despatching MI’s.

·         Ensuring correct format specifications are sent to editors for despatch 

·         Vimeo update and despatch


Digital(Web, Banners, Social, SEO)

·         Booking resources for digital projects (internal and freelancers)

·         Management of digital production – ensuring specs are supplied, testing of websites/banners/edms, despatching via online platforms

·         Creating online campaigns in social media channels

·         Monthly reporting support to paid media specialist


Reporting Line

This role will report to the agency producer (non digital work) and head of digital (digital work) . The Agency has adopted a policy of removing titles and encouraging team collaboration over reporting lines – but you will play a central role in delivering the results that our clients expect from us. 

Town Square Candidate Fit

We need a candidate who takes pride in creating great experiences and a focus on better performance. We are looking for a confident candidate who has excellent communication skills – and a decent sense of humour.


Beyond that, there are a number of general considerations that candidates should be aware of when considering Town Square as a team to join. 

Bullet-proof Delivery

Our client relationships are built on trust and we pride ourselves in developing enduring partnerships with clients who value the Agency’s ability to put their interests first.  We need a candidate who takes pride in seeing the job through and delivering on commitments with precision and accuracy. Responsiveness and a strong service ethic are important.

Initiative and Ownership

We need someone who takes responsibility for things - someone who will do what they’ve said they’ll do - and perhaps that little bit more.  Ownership is about figuring out what needs to be done and initiative is about figuring out how to do it.  Having agreed a clear direction, the candidate needs to be able to think for themselves and make things happen.

Team Player

We play as a team. Every player needs to think about how to work best to support the rest of the team.  This role supports others and will feel the full support of everyone around them.  The Agency wants to hire a new talent for whom the opportunity to make a major contribution and build a business are more important than the entitlements attached to status.  The quality of the work, the client outcomes and the culture of the Agency are the agenda we care about. 

Beyond Advertising

It is becoming increasingly rare for conventional advertising to be the only solution our clients require.  Every hire needs a well-developed appetite for all communication vehicles - in social media, in search, in content marketing, etc.  An enthusiasm for engaging with audiences/communities through any channel or platform is important.

Collaborative Model

The Agency is committed to an ethos of collaboration; we have a flat management structure.  We believe that there are three steps in the creative process - strategy, idea and execution.  We believe it’s impossible in the evolving communications landscape to put meaningful boundaries and discrete roles around these three steps.  The Agency therefore needs each member of the team to be a collaborator - someone who believes the quality and the effectiveness of the idea are more important than the attribution of authorship. 

Hands-On Role

We are an all-hands-on-deck Agency.  Our expectation of each other is that we roll our sleeves up and get the job done.  This role is no different - we are looking for someone who wants to get their hands dirty - hierarchy is an irrelevance here.

Keeping It Real

We pride ourselves on keeping things in perspective. We like to keep it simple and we like to remind ourselves that if we’re not having fun, we’re not doing it right. 

Applications to : alison@townsquare.agency






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